Privacy policy

Parkville neurosurgery is committed to the right to privacy and the protection of your health information in accordance with privacy laws, the National Privacy Principles and the Health Records Act (2001) Vic. "Health information" means only your information regarding your personal details and medical history that is necessary and relevant to your medical care.

What information do we collect?
  • Name, address, date of birth, phone numbers, contact details for family members and next of kin
  • Medicare number, private health insurance details, Veteran's Affairs numbers
  • GP details, information about other specialists involved in your care
If there is information that you do not wish to divulge, we will make every effort to work with your wishes to continue to provide the same medical care.

How is your information stored?

Your information is stored in electronic form in a secure pasword-protected environment that can only be accessed by our administrative staff and your surgeon. The integrity of your information is important to us and we take all reasonable steps to protect it from misuse, loss, unauthorised access, modification or disclosure. The information is retained for a period of time as required by the law and is disposed of in a secure manner.

Disclosing information

We will only disclose your information for the purposes of:
  • Continuity of care with other medical service providers involved in your diagnosis or treatment (eg making referrals)
  • Conveying information to a responsible person (eg parent, guardian, spouse, children) in the case of a patient who is unable to communicate, unless the individual has requested otherwise
  • Communicating with Medicare or your insurers for the purposes of obtaining rebates or payments
  • Disclosing your health information to third parties (eg legal or insurance firms, Centrelink) will not occur without your express written permission

Accuracy of personal information

We will make every effort to ensure that the information we hold is accurate and up-to-date. Please let us know at your earliest possible convenience if there are any changes or updates to your personal information.

Accessing your medical records

Your medical records are owned by us but we will be pleased to provide you with summaries, or copies of your records at your request as required by law, with respect to certain exceptions. Your surgeon will be happy to discuss with you what you require.

Research and Audit

We use patient information sometimes to assist in improving the quality of care we provide by auditing outcomes and treatments. We may also use information for the purposes of research projects. In both of these cases, the information used is de-identified (i.e., any information that could be used by anyone to identify you is removed).


If you have any concerns or questions regarding this policy or the use of your personal information please feel free to ask at the time of your appointment. Please email general enquiries to

Further information can be obtained from the Office of the Federal Privacy Commisioner: www. or the hotline 1300 363 992